Corporate Training

Evans Social media provides custom individual, group and corporate training solutions designed to specifically meet the needs of your organization. We will work collaboratively to develop an understanding of your learning objectives and your organization, to develop training content and delivery methods that best meet your needs. The online social media world is changing quickly and consumer technologies are adopted faster than ever before. Your organization can’t afford to ignore social media opportunities and fall behind. Our training courses will get your organization on the right track to develop and run your own social media campaign. We can teach, set up or manage your social media to suit your needs. We have trained both large and small organizations in all aspects of internet marketing and can develop and implement a cost effective educational program for you.

Social Media Training Topics

We can cover a wide range of topics in our training programs, and create a customized curriculum to meet your needs. We will work with you to develop relevant learning objectives for your organization.

 Evans Social Media can create unique content specifically for your organization, some of our more popular topics include:

  • Social Media 101

  • Social Media at work and home

  • Social Networks (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc)

  • YouTube

  • Facebook Paid Ads

  • Kijiji Marketing

  • Hashtagging

  • Social Media Code Of Conduct

  • Microblogging (Twitter)

  • Community Building

  • Community Management

  • Display and Pay per Click Campaigns

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Introduction to Social Networking

  • Social Media for PR, HR, Customer Service, Marketers, etc.

  • Internet Marketing 101

  • Online Brand and Reputation Management

  • Corporate Websites (design for success, landing page optimization, usability, etc)

  • Measuring Return on Investment

  • Blogger and Influencer Outreach

  • Analytic Reporting

  • Content Development

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Viral Marketing

  • Multimedia Marketing (video, photos)

For a corporate training quote please contact us to discuss your needs and what program Evans Social Media can do for you.

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