Social Media Management

Freelance Social Media Manager, Based in Southwestern Ontario. Social Media Management, Website Design & Hosting and Mobile Text Message Marketing.

Welcome to Evans Social Media. I am a freelance social media Manager that focuses on building and maintaining positive online relationships for business. I would love to have the opportunity to sit down with you and help you build an effective social media program for you. There are many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn and Kijiji that can be very effective for your business. Each platform is connected to the other and they are a valuable tool to engage past, current and future customers while you increase brand presence, increase positive sentiment about your brand and the development of relationships for future partnership opportunities while increasing traffic to your website.

Websites today have become obsolete, but are still necessary to do business. I compare them to a business card left on a table, if nobody engages that card then it is useless. Let us building you a simple yet effective cost effective website that will work in conjunction with your Social media campaign. Social media is a tool to have people engage your business card, example; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube which will direct them back to your website where they will then complete their business dealings with you once they feel they have established a relationship with you.

Many businesses are unsure of how to effectively leverage social media as part of their marketing efforts. Some merely post messages once a year on their Facebook fan page or on Twitter only to say that social media ‘didn’t work’ for them. My template for getting started with an effective social media plan is to immediately create and daily maintain a presence on the following social media tools and publish current, consistent, compelling content to your followers, family, friends and community.

·        Facebook

·        YouTube

·        Twitter

·        LinkedIn

·        Kijiji

Key Social Media Objectives

·        Engage that audience with current, consistent, compelling content

·        Facebook has over one billion active users, more than half of whom use Facebook on a mobile device. Accessing these mobile devices is key.

·        Increased brand presence across social channels. You want to increase the number of followers on Twitter, number of fans on Facebook, number of comments, number of times your brand is mentioned in blogs and forums, and so on

·        Increased positive sentiment about your brand. You want to convert the number of positive mentions while taking note of negative mentions. Has the ratio of positive to negative comments improved?

·         Development of relationships for future partnership opportunities. You want to keep track of those with whom you’ve connected, and identify where there may be opportunities to make those relationships benefit your organization. For example, if you’ve connected with someone who may be a great guest on a webinar your company is hosting, include that person into your digital Rolodex, and follow up with him or her when the time is right.

·        Increased traffic to your website. You want to guide more visitors to your website, and a great way to do that is with your social media presence. Use Twitter hashtags, Facebook pages, etc. to lead social media audiences to your website. And remember to keep track of where site visitors came from; it’s a smart strategy that provides great insight into your efforts. When it comes to measuring social media, traffic, likes, followers and trending reports will help get a sense of what and where to improve.